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There are many djs out there using music samples of the motown, soul & funk days. the likes of the meters, stevie wonder, marvin gaye, curtis mayfield etc have been copied & sampled by djs & artists around the globe.
Lava Lamp is a live version of this. we sit on the grooves of these cool tunes, build them up and, like the djs, use vocal lines to complement that groove.
Kat KInley has been a blues keyboardist in perth for some time, but has always wanted to take the blues to another level. the Lava Lamp trio takes it there.
Streetie is the bass player for well-known covers bands, but his groove thang has walked him this funky way. his smooth bass lines & vox r so very Lava Lamp.
Haans has been playing around the traps with just about every known perthian & adds the experience & flavour necessary to enhance the quality of this sound.
This music is obviously what people like to hear & where people like to be (& be seen) & Lava Lamp Trio is well aware of this. problem is, there isn’t enough of this live stuff out there for people to enjoy & get into. Lava Lamp Trio knows that too.
The Lava Lamp trio is well worth checking out. slip on your funky pants & sip a cocktail or boutique beer in true Lava Lamp style. This page will keep you informed of where they will be.


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