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Julie left her home town in the south west of WA as an ambitious singer. After travelling around Australia with an acoustic guitar and a handful of original songs, she settled in Adelaide and became apart of the alternative scene, where she started out busking and performing at ìThe Fringe Festivalî and finally fronted an all girl band playing the popular ìTivoli Hotelì. She then moved to Melbourne, where she fell into the rock scene for a few years, but longed to return home to the West. Donning black leathers and a bass guitar, the pint-sized lady headed to Geraldton to form a cover band called the Tuscaderoís, a Suzie Quatro trio, which had them dancing on the tables around the Midwest. Since then she has proved her versatility, singing up a storm of rock ní roll tunes, 60ís, pop, blues and disco favourites.

Herb hales from the capital of Austria, where he attended the Conservatory of Vienna. After success playing with professional orchestral bands he did some recording with James Last then later joined ìThe Cadillacsî jet-setting around Europe for a number of years. He made the move to Queensland in the late 70ís performing in restaurants with a violinist, and writing songs. He finally moved to Albany where he started sequencing and formed a duo called ìSister Moonî playing at ìThe Earl of Spencer Hotelî at the same time as ìThe Waifsî were starting out.

SHIVOO eventually came together after Herb decided to head north, and took up residence at the Freemasonís Hotel, where he played solo and also performed with local legends. He teamed up with Julie in the new millenium, forming the live sequenced duo (who also perform acoustically), and they both decided to keep the growing city of Geraldton as a base. They have had consistent success playing to audiences at Hotels, Clubs, Corporate and Regional events, and weddings, and are now in the making of their first CD, which theyíre recording independently and expect to be completed by Christmas.

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