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JUS JUMP band hit the scene with a bang and have since let off the brakes and poured in the coal. Jus Jump Band pulse along with a freight train groove, guaranteeing to get your toes tapping and hips swaying. JUS JUMP plays the kind of music that gives you that Saturday night feeling every night of the week. The bands concept is to put on a show performing, dressing and acting like they are meant to be there. This means letting the genie out of the bottle with acrobatic antics, loud suits, the works. Jus Jump band maintains a fresh original repertoire and has built up a following from all walks of life, attracting people from all age groups. JUS JUMP has had a variety of high profile residencies including the Universal Bar, the Mustang Bar and Clancy’s Fish Pub. Jus Jump band have also played the Wignals Festival, Fremantle Festival, Fairbridge Festival, Melville Festival, Joondalup Festival, George St Festival, Mandurah Festival, Cockburn Sunset and Sunset at Subi Series, to mention a few. So when booking Jus Jump make sure you put on a clean pair of socks and give your old dancing shoes a spit and polish. All members of Jus Jump have toured extensively with various bands playing world wide including UK (Glasgow Festival, Ronnie Scott’s, Wigan Festival), USA (New Orleans, San Francisco), New Zealand, Australia- (Woodford Festival QLD , Lithgow Festival, Goulburn Festival NSW).
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