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Conny The Clown Perth for Corporate and Private Kids Parties

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Why Not Make Your Next Children's Birthday Party the Best Ever...
Because let's face it...

Lots of Today's Children's Birthday Parties really do Suffer From "Way-Too-Boring-Itus!"
And Not To Mention......
Stressed Out Parents: Sound familiar?
........A Lack Of Exciting Ideas & Fun Activities: That captivate the childrens attention and make things run smoothly...
......That 'Special' Something: The 'magical feeling' that ONLY comes when all the pieces of the Children's Birthday Party Puzzle are in place...... Yes - many parties are dead, dull and boring...

Good News....... YOUR PARTY Doesn't Have To Be That Way!
Because now it's possible to have a Brilliant Children's Birthday Party, one that you, your children .....and all their friends will NEVER forget - one that will trigger happy, warm, fun-filled memories every time they think of it!

And You Guessed It........The Perfect Solution!
You Can Hire A Real Live Clown!

Conny The Clown Includes The Following:

• Fantastic Face Painting!
• Crazy Balloon Animals!
• Marvelous Magic Tricks!
• Playful Puppets!
• Terrific Tattoos!
• Great Fun and Games!
• Bubbly Bubbles!
• Pipe Cleaner Critters!
• Cute Cartoons!

Even the Parent's LOVE it!

You Have Two Great Shows to Choose From:

1. Little Kids
(Ages 0-4 Years Old)

1-1/2 Hour Show Includes:
• Fantastic Face Painting!
• Bubbly Bubble Blowing!
• Musical Games!
• Crazy Balloon Animals!

2. Older Kids
(Ages 4 and Above)
1-1/2 Hour Show Includes:

• Amazing Comedy Magic Show!
• Puppets!
• Crazy Balloon Animals!
• Fantastic Party Games!

14 Reasons Why You Should Choose Conny The Clown:
1. Conny The Clown Is Fully Police Cleared.
2. The ONLY Clown in Western Australia to be Quality Business Institute Endorsed Having passed their stringent membership code with flying colours.
3. Comprehensively Insured.
4. Perth's Undisputed Most Favourite Children's Clown.
5. Exceptional Value For Money.
6. Have Trained More Clowns Than Any Other Clown In WA.
7. The no: 1 Choice For All Major Booking Agencies in Western Australia.
8. The ONLY Clown in WA to give a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
9. As a Woman has great rapport with and understanding of children.
10. Already has a HUGE following amongst Perth Children.
12. International Speaker.
13. More Magic Tricks than ANY other Clown in WA.
14. More Characters to Choose from.

"Conny the Clown had one of the most outstanding response's to any survey we have ever done. Parents literally raved about her skill with and understanding of children of all ages with many saying booking Conny resulted in "the Best Birthday Show they had ever experienced."
Chris Bloor President Quality Business Institute of Australia


Conny The Clown is the perfect choice of entertainment for your next party function or corporate event.
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