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Fire ‘n Motion are a professional group of six fire twirling troupe based in Perth, Western Australia. Each member of this professional fire twirling team has spent many years training to achieve the highest level of skill and experience.
Their members have come from many different backgrounds including dance, gymnastics and martial arts which leads to a highly creative and mesmerizing performance.
Fire 'n Motion's history includes notable performances including Burning Man and trips to UK, Egypt and Singapore, and also many performances in their hometown of Perth.
Their fire toys include staff, double staff, poi, fire tracing, fire ropes, fire eating, fire chucks (flaming nun chucks), whips, orbs and hoops. This professional fire twirling tema are insured worldwide (excluding USA/Canada), and always make safety their number one priority during all shows.
An extensive travel history into many talented communities around the world has provided an abundance of ideas and cutting edge techniques to use as a basis for creating, and improving, an international-standard fire performance troupe.
Fire 'n Motion twirlers can add energy to your event by providing either short performance sets of several minutes each or hours of roving entertainment. Whatever your preference, their performances can be tailored to suit your next function or event. Generally, two different types of shows are performed: Stage shows and ‘roaming’ walkaround shows.
Their stage shows go for 10-15 minutes, and include a fast-paced, visually impressive choreographed fire show to their own music. Fire 'n Motion have a large repertoire of dance choreographies, ranging from high-energy nightclub fire-dancing to ambience-enhancing background shows. During their performances they also utilize a wide variety of musical styles, from earthly primal beats to classical music, and everything in between. For these performances, Fire 'n Motion use their most dangerous and stunning equipment and even pyrotechnics on request.
Their walkaround/roaming shows are slower-paced, and designed to entertain passers by or a large crowd over a longer period of time. They can go from 15 minutes to hours long, and performers can either stay in one place entertaining, or roam through crowds.
Fire 'n Motion twirlers also have a theatrical pyrotechnics license, enabling them to use a large range of indoor/outdoor theatrical pyrotechnics, the most impressive being pyrotechnic twirling, consisting of staff-spinning with 3m of silver sparks shooting out either end. This is very impressive and guarantees a hearty applause every time!

Fire 'n Motion fire twirlers are the perfect choice of entertainment for your next party function or corporate event.

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